Inside Meroxa’s Hack Week: Pioneering Data Solutions with In-House Innovation


Welcome to an insider’s view of Meroxa’s Hack Week, a time when our development team showcases its innovative prowess by utilizing our comprehensive data platform. This tradition not only highlights our team’s dedication to our product but also demonstrates the extensive possibilities that Meroxa unlocks for data ingestion, transformation, streaming, and orchestration.

The Essence of Hack Week at Meroxa

Hack Week at Meroxa is a celebration of our ability to blend technical expertise with creative innovation, developing applications that extend beyond our standard offerings. It is a period of intense exploration, learning, and boundary-pushing, which ultimately enhances our platform's capabilities.

Showcasing This Quarter’s Innovative Projects

Conduit Connector Kafka Broker

A standout project by Lovro introduced an experimental Kafka broker connector, enhancing our data integration capabilities by enabling direct data production from Kafka producers.


Disaster Recovery with Litestream

Samir’s initiative started with scaling Pocketbase and evolved into utilizing Litestream for cutting-edge disaster recovery solutions, exemplifying Meroxa’s flexibility.

Generic HTTP Connector for Conduit

Maha identified and filled a crucial gap in our service offerings by developing a production-grade HTTP source and destination connector for Conduit, significantly advancing our connectivity solutions.


Google Contacts Backup Tool

Leveraging the new HTTP connector, Haris developed a tool for backing up Google Contacts, illustrating the practical applications of Meroxa’s platform for everyday data management challenges.


Realtime MLOps with Milvus and WASM Vector Embedding Processor

James used our Conduit Connector and Processor SDKs to build a real-time MLOps pipeline that transforms Postgres data into vector embeddings, showcasing the platform’s support for sophisticated data operations.


Facilitating Customer Proof of Concept Demos

Anna’s work on tailored demos for Clickhouse integration to Google Pub/Sub and Snowflake to Hubspot demonstrates Meroxa’s capability in simplifying data movement, essential for reverse ETL processes and aiding sales efforts.


Inspiring the Future of Data Innovation

As we reflect on the achievements of this quarter’s Hack Week, we are inspired by the limitless possibilities within Meroxa. The projects highlighted are a source of inspiration for anyone looking to push the boundaries of data technology.

Whether you are starting your data journey or looking to enhance your expertise, we invite you to sign up for a demo or join our Discord community to see how Meroxa is leading innovation in data solutions. Embrace the future of data with Meroxa and discover how our platform can empower your next project. Here’s to continuing to innovate and redefine the boundaries of what’s possible with data!

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